NEWS: Keeping People Safe – For Hosts of Adult and Children Refugees from Ukraine

Taye Training based in West Yorkshire is a community of training experts with lived experience who have come together to create a free safeguarding awareness course aimed at those involved in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

It is quick and easy to register and the 90-minute session includes 8 short videos covering the Categories of Abuse, and an introduction and links provided by two safeguarding trainers who themselves have registered to be hosts. It provides a useful basic awareness of safeguarding and is aimed at keeping both guests and hosts safe. The link to the training is below (click the title):

Keeping People Safe – For Hosts of Adult and Children Refugees from Ukraine (

To support local groups who are providing help to both hosts and new arrivals, Richmond CVS has created two short resources highlighting data protection and the importance of safe management of personal data, both in person and online via social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

All groups, whether informal or formal, are governed by data protection law and it is essential that you understand your legal obligations and the need for safe management of personal information, to reduce the risk of harm to your beneficiaries and others involved in your work.

View the new resources by clicking on the titles below:

If you are concerned about a child contact the Richmond Single Point of Access

If you are concerned about a vulnerable adult contact Richmond Adult Social Care.

For support and information regarding the Homes for Ukraine scheme, visit Richmond Council’s Ukraine webpage.