Voice and Influence

Richmond CVS is a champion of the local voluntary and community sector (VCS). We work to support the VCS, especially smaller groups, raise their profile and provide opportunities for the voice of the VCS to be heard. There is a strong theme of partnership working in Richmond, for example between the Council and the VCS. Richmond CVS holds a Voluntary and Community Sector seat on a number of strategic boards and committees.

Richmond upon Thames Partnership

brings together private, public, and voluntary and community sectors to improve the quality of life of everyone living, working or visiting the Richmond. The partnership is responsible for the Community Plan and it is chaired by the leader of the Council. Richmond CVS is a member of the Executive Group and there is an annual conference.

Richmond upon Thames Health and Wellbeing Board

is a forum where key leaders from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities.


Richmond and Wandsworth Safeguarding Adults Board

strategic lead body for safeguarding adults with care and support needs who may be suffering, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect. Richmond CVS is also a member of the Communications and Engagement sub – group.


Richmond Council’s Voluntary Sector Forum

is hosted by the Cabinet Member for Equality, Communities and the Voluntary Sector and meets up to four times a year. Richmond CVS suggest agenda items, always attend and often present items relevant to our network and the local sector.

Richmond upon Thames Compact

The Richmond upon Thames Compact sets out guidelines and principles to support good practice and effective working between the Council and the voluntary sector.

Download the Compact Proofing Toolkit for the Statutory Sector

Download the Compact Proofing Toolkit for the Voluntary Sector

There are many other groups and meetings that Richmond CVS takes part in to champion and represent the VCS. Many of the networks we run help us to hear the voice of the VCS and ensure there is a strong communication channel between local groups and strategic decision makers.

If you would like to know more about these areas of our work, please take a look at our Networks and Forums, email action@richmondcvs.org.uk or call us on 020 8843 7945.