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Richmond Trustee Network: the social media landscape - risk & opportunity

Wednesday 15 May 2024, 12.30pm - 2pm (online)

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Trusteeship - a PowerPoint presentation by our Capacity Building Manager (includes hyperlinks)

What is a trustee, key responsibilities, why consider trusteeship, what’s required, how to find the right role and support you can access (click on the title)

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Post Covid-19 Governance Support for Richmond Groups

In 2022, we delivered a programme funded by RPLC.  It had a number of elements including training, networking and peer support opportunities plus tailored in-depth 1:1 governance support. The support was based on each organisation’s needs and potential impact.  The support was provided on the basis of helping organisations taking responsibility for assessing and improving their own governance effectiveness.  It did not constitute legal advice.

Reporting Serious Incidents

Trustees are responsible for reporting serious incidents - this briefing provides a simple guide.

What is a Trustee?

Trustees are a vital part of any charitable organisation. This specialist volunteer role offers the chance to guide and develop an organisation’s success. The support we offer includes:

Trustee Recruitment Event: our annual event, to find out more about being a trustee if you're looking for a local opportunity, or meet potential new trustees if you're an organisation. The 2023 event will be held on Wednesday 20 September, 6pm-8pm.  More details soon.

Trustee Recruitment (ongoing): contact our volunteering service if you’re interested in a role or you are looking for new trustees – email volunteer@richmondcvs.org.uk or call 020 8843 7940.

Trustee Training: we offer two-part introductory sessions, if you’re a new trustee, want to refresh your skills or are simply thinking about taking a role on.  Check our Training and Events page for upcoming dates or get in touch with training@richmondcvs.org.uk.

Richmond Trustee Network: come to one of our network meetings held up to four times a year for local trustees to offer informal networking, learning and peer support.

Contact us

Email us at volunteer@richmondcvs.org.uk to find out more or subscribe to our e-news for regular updates.

Resources for Trustees:

A Chair’s Compass: a guide for chairs of charities and non-profit organisations

The Essential Trustee: the government guide to the duties of a trustee

The Governance Code: a practical tool to help charity trustees develop high standards of governance

NCVO Governance - Help and Guidance: expert information and guides on governance issues provided by NCVO

Managing Your Charity: a full list of government guidance

Trustees Week: celebrating the work of trustees and offering insights, information and resources

TrusteeWorks: a bespoke trustee recruitment service provided by Reach Volunteering

Download our briefings

Take a look at our full range of suggested resources including those relating to governance on our Briefings and Resources page.