Complaints Policy

From time to time, individuals or organisations may feel that they have a complaint against us – the Board of Trustees, or an individual Board member, or one of our staff or volunteers.

We have our own complaints procedure to provide a speedy, just and open examination of complaints received by us. This policy applies to external organisations or individuals wishing to make a complaint.


How do I make a Complaint?

You make complaints in writing to the Director of Richmond CVS who is responsible for ensuring that:

  • All complaints are logged
  • You receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 working days and a copy of this complaints procedure

If your complaint is about the Director, you can, if you prefer, address your complaint to the Chair of the Board of Trustees.


To make a complaint you can:

Email the Director at

Email the Chair of the Board of Trustees at

Write a letter of complaint to Richmond CVS, Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Communtiy College, Parkshot, Richmond, TW9 2RE

What happens next?

We aim to investigate your complaint promptly and reply to you within 10 working days. If we cannot do this, we will send you an interim response informing you of the action taken, or being considered.

On issues of statutory responsibility, such as those surrounding child or vulnerable adult protection, Richmond CVS has a duty as employer to inform the relevant agencies immediately.


How will my complaint be investigated?

All complaints received will be investigated by the Director and/or the Chair of the Board of Trustees. If the complaint is about an individual Board member or a staff member, he or she will be told the details of the complaint made against them and will have the right to reply to the complaint in writing. Where appropriate, documentation which may have a bearing on the complaint will also be reviewed.


How will I know what has been decided?

You will receive a written reply outlining how the complaint was investigated and the outcome.

The outcome of all complaints received will be logged and reported to the Board of Trustees. General information about the nature and outcome of all the complaints received will also be available to Richmond CVS members and others with a legitimate interest, such as funders.

Details of any disciplinary action taken against a Board or Staff member as the result of a complaint will remain confidential.


What if I am still not satisfied?  Your right to appeal.

If you are not satisfied with how we have handled your complaint you have the right to appeal in writing, within 14 days of being notified of our response to your complaint, to ask the Board of Trustees to review the decision, giving your reasons for the request.

The Board of Trustee will consider:

  • Your original complaint
  • The response of the RCVS Director
  • Your further submission setting out reasons for being dissatisfied


The Board of Trustees will then either:

  • Uphold your complaint, in which case the matter will be referred to the RCVS Chair or Director to deal with, as appropriate, or
  • Dismiss your complaint


The appeal stage to the Board of Trustees is the final stage of the process for Richmond CVS. If you remain unhappy, you are entitled to contact Richmond Upon Thames Voluntary Sector Partnership, our major funder or your local councillor or MP.

We will communicate the outcome of any specific complaints received to those involved and provide general information about the number and nature of complaints received by us in annual and other reports.