Who does what in Richmond

Community Involvement is about bringing together people who use health and social care services, those who commission them (the Council and NHS), and those who provide services. By involving community members, better services can be commissioned and provided.  This page gives you basic information about opportunities in Richmond.

Richmond CVS

We employ a Community Involvement Manager, whose role is to strengthen community engagement in health and social care provision. We work with the Council, Richmond CCG, Healthwatch and a range of local organisations and we facilitate involvement of service users and carers in the work of the Council and Richmond CCG.

User and Carer Group

This group is a strategic forum for those users and carers who participate in groups and committees that focus on Health and Wellbeing.  The Richmond CVS Community Involvement Manager supports the group in its role of strengthening the voice of users and carers in decision making.

Healthwatch Richmond

The local Healthwatch service which is run by Richmond Health Voices promotes public involvement in the improvement of health and social care services. Healthwatch has a  responsibility to investigate, report and make recommendations on service issues identified by community members.

NHS Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS Richmond has a statutory 'Duty to Involve' and a 'Duty to feedback' written into law. It is judged not only on the quality of health care it commissions, but also on how it engages with its population. Take a look at the NHS structure.

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Richmond Council has a statutory duty to inform, engage and consult with people who live, work and visit in the Borough. It also co-ordinates the Health and Wellbeing Board which includes members from Richmond CCG and and the voluntary sector.

Many opportunities exist to become more involved in the work of Richmond CCG and the Council in relation to health and social care

GP Patients Participation Groups

All GP Practices should have a Patient Participation Group. The involvement opportunities they provide may vary, but you can find out by asking at the GP practice that you are registered with.

The Wider Voluntary Sector

Some organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector may have involvement opportunities. If you use the services of an organisation, ask them what user involvement opportunities they provide. Organisations may also advertise some opportunities more widely.