South West London Integrated Care System

The start of the Integrated Care System on 1 July 2022 marks a significant change to health structures and, as the Voluntary, Community  and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector  is seen as a key partner in it, Richmond CVS has a role in ensuring local voluntary and community groups in Richmond understand the basics and how they can be involved.

What is the Integrated Care System?

Integrated Care Systems have four key purposes:

1.  improving outcomes in population health and healthcare
2.  tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access

3.  enhancing productivity and value for money
4.  supporting broader social and economic development

King's Fund: How the NHS Works and How it is Changing

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To keep up to date with activities, visit the South West London ICS Website

What part does Richmond CVS have in the ICS?

Richmond CVS is a member of the Richmond Place based Partnership as a VCS representative. 

Also we have been working at a SW London level with our neighbouring CVS colleagues to help develop the required SW London VCSE Alliance, with the wider VCS. 

To inform this work a report on Building a VCSE Alliance Across SW London was commissioned with a series of recommendations. 

One of these was to build a business case for funding to support the development of the Alliance and in mid July the SW London ICB agreed to the funding.  This is a really positive endorsement of the VCS’ involvement in the new ICS as it will mean a dedicated post and project support.  Further details will be shared soon.

CVS colleagues are engaging with the VCS across SW London on the kind of VCSE Alliance we want to see and this feedback will help shape what develops

Can my organisation get involved?

If your VCS group would like to stay in touch with and participate in engagement opportunities, please subscribe to our newsletter, if you don't already do so,  and register for our Health and Wellbeing Network meetings and events as soon as they're available to book.