FUNDING: Resilience Fund, Berkeley Foundation – apply by 6 February 2022

The Berkeley Foundation has announced the launch of this new fund to strengthen the voluntary sector over the next four years.

Since 2011, they have worked with the sector and others to help young people overcome barriers, improve their lives and build a better society.

This new fund represents a £900,000 investment and will provide support for local and grassroots charities to invest in their ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to challenge and build resilience for the future.

It will offer grants of up to £30,000 over two years to registered charities or CICs with an annual income of between £100,000 to £1.5 million.

Grants will run alongside a learning and evaluation programme, focused on highlighting best practice and supporting peer learning.

Where there is an alignment of skills and needs, successful applicants will also be able to access pro bono support, mentoring and additional resources from the Berkeley Foundation and the wider Berkeley Group.

Detailed guidelines and step-by-step guidance on their online application form, plus a recording of their Meet the Funder webinar which includes FAQs, are available to view on their website.

See more information on the Berkeley Foundation website.