FUNDING: The Wakeham Trust – apply at any time

The Wakeham Trust offers small grants to micro-scale community projects that may find it hard to appeal to larger and more formal funding bodies.  They are especially interested in helping groups that are starting up and need a little seed money to help them get going

The Trust provides grants of up £2,500 to help people rebuild their communities. It doesn’t matter if the idea is tried and tested in other parts of the country. If it is new for your particular community, they are interested in hearing about it.

They continue to support their original objective from 1974 – projects that encourage Community Service by young people to their own neighbourhoods and communities and are keen to help groups who are usually considered recipients of voluntary action (eg. pensioners, refugees or young offenders). They believe this helps empower the volunteers themselves, as well as supporting the project they are working on.

They also support innovative projects to promote excellence in teaching (at any level, from primary schools to universities), especially the humanities. 

Their core goal is to help small groups of people who are getting together to make a difference in their communities.

Applications should be made by email and can be submitted at any time.

See the full criteria and details at The Wakeham Trust website.