FUNDING: BlueSpark Foundation Small Grants – rolling fund

This Foundation supports the education and development of children and young people by providing grants for educational, cultural, sporting and other projects.

They support a wide range of projects but are particularly keen to support those which will help enhance the self-confidence, team working skills and future employability of children and young people.

Most projects which are supported are likely to be initiated by schools, community groups, clubs, societies or other not for profit organisations. However, individuals may also apply.

Awards are made for relatively small-scale projects which might not happen at all or would only happen on a smaller scale without the support of BlueSpark. Many of the grants made are under £2,000 and none are more than £5,000.

Funding provided for any particular project must constitute a significant proportion of the costs of that project, rather than being marginally incremental to its funding.

All applications must be made online on their standard Application Form. They can be made at any time and are reviewed on a rolling basis at approximately 8 week intervals.

Check the full guidelines and submit your proposal at the BlueSpark Apply webpage.