FUNDING: Betsy Foundation – apply at any time

Betsy Foundation is a family run initiative giving grants to small and medium sized registered charities. Their mission is to assist organisations which help young people overcome poverty, abuse and homelessness.

The Foundation supports a wide range of organisations and can provide grants of up to £30,000 to UK-based charities with a gross revenue of less than £750,000 a year, that operate in London and the South East.

To apply, there are specific criteria which organisations must satisfy, including:​

  • your beneficiaries are primarily under 30 years old and are live in London and South East of England
  • the grant can have a significant impact as a one-off grant or over a two-year period
  • the impact of the grant will help to alleviate the effects of poverty, abuse and homelessness as well as help recipients to overcome the causes.

Alongside the impact of the Covid pandemic, the Foundation understands that for any individual or group, poverty, abuse and homelessness are caused by complicated situations, including poor physical and mental health, poor education, lack of opportunities including access to employment, stigma and racism, family and relationship breakdown. They, therefore, provide grants to charities that are focused on addressing both the end results of such circumstances or the situations that have led to them.

There are separate applications forms for grants of under and over £5,000.

For the full details and forms, visit the Betsy Foundation website.