SW London Unpaid Carers Information & Support Programme

A new programme has been launched by Integrated Care Support Services to give back to those who care for others.

They are a not-for-profit working with NHS commissioners and stakeholders providing health & care services, education, charity & voluntary organisations.

Their new free programme of face-to-face and online sessions aims to deliver 13 courses for carers in South West London, including young carers, in collaboration with local Carer Centers. It looks to:

  • enhance carers’ skills and confidence in caring for others and themselves 
  • increase recognition of carers’ voices 
  • strengthen relationships with Carer Centres 
  • improve the provision of information and support 
  • enhance the identification of unpaid carers in South West London 
  • promote carers’ wellbeing 
  • develop of carers’ confidence and competence 
  • increase the involvement of carers in decision-making processes 
  • help carers acquire skills to facilitate access to paid employment 
  • enhance data collection to provide targeted support for carers. 

A list of the the planned sessions, with links and information as available, is below:

  1. Falls Prevention – contact Wandsworth Carers Centre – 020 8877 1200
  2. Manual Handling Introduction – contact Wandsworth Carers Centre – 020 8877 1200
  3. Medicines Management – dates/time to be confirmed.  
  4. Nutrition / Hydration
  5. Dementia Awareness
  6. Looking After Yourself – dates/times to be confirmed  
  7. End of Life Care Management  
  8. First Aid Awareness   
  9. Mental Health Awareness
  10. Wound Management/Sepsis
  11. Power of Attorney/ Deputyships – dates/times to be confirmed  
  12. Health Literacy
  13. Care Certificate Awareness

For more information about the programme, email Tessa Shields.