FUNDING: The Pilgrim Trust Social Welfare Programme – reopening July 2021

The Pilgrim Trust offers small (up to £5,000) and main grants for projects in the UK, with a focus on heritage and preservation and social welfare for vulnerable women and girls.

They favour giving to organisations where relatively modest grants will make a significant impact.

The Trust is committed to preserving the UK’s unique heritage for the benefit of future generations, including physical objects such as buildings, artifacts and recorded information, such as manuscripts or books. Their main emphasis is on projects that conserve historical buildings, monuments and collections but they also encourage projects that promote awareness.

Their Social Welfare programme is due to reopen with new guidelines in early July 2021. It aims improve the life chances of vulnerable women and girls and is interested in supporting early interventions and projects that give women and girls greater opportunities and greater control over their lives.

For more information, visit The Pilgrim website.