FUNDING: Rowing Foundation – next deadline 20 May

The Rowing Foundation offers small grants for projects that support rowing, particularly for young people.

They are a registered charity with the purpose of promoting the participation in rowing of young people (those under 18 or still in full time education) and the disabled of all ages.

Grants are offered of up to £4,000, for up to 50% of overall project costs, to support rowing, where the requirement may be too small or otherwise ineligible for an approach to the National Lottery or other similar sources of funds.

Preference is given to encouraging participation by the young or disabled of all ages, by the provision of on the water equipment – such as boats, sculls, ergos, oars and essential safety equipment.

All equipment purchased under this scheme will be required to display a sticker indicating the contribution of the Rowing Foundation, which will be supplied by the Foundation.

Groups should be affiliated to British Rowing.

The Trustees meet three times per year to consider applications received for Equipment Grants. Their next meeting is in June and the deadline for this meeting is 12 Noon on Monday 20 May 2024.

The Foundation also runs a refurbishment rolling grant programme, specifically for boats used by juniors, for which applications can be made at any time..

Find out more at the Rowing Foundation website.