FUNDING: Open Fund (music projects) – apply by 14 June 2021

The PRS’ Open Fund supports high quality new music projects (not programmes) with grants of up to £10,000.

Their definition of a project is an activity which has a clearly defined start and end date and clear and tangible musical outcomes or objectives that, when attained, signify completion.

The areas of their funding support includes:

  • Creation of new music
  • Music Creator fee (to cover your time and work)
  • Touring and live performances/programming featuring new UK music
  • Commissions of new music by UK-based creators
  • Music creator residencies
  • Recording and release
  • Exciting community projects involving high-quality music creators
  • Promotion and marketing (when there is also an element of creation and/or performance)

Funded projects are expected to take place within 1 year of receiving a grant, unless Covid-19 leads to a to mutually agreed to extended timeframe. The planned activity date must be at least 10 weeks after the application deadline.

See the full details at the PRS website.