FUNDING: Climate Action Fund – Our Shared Future, TNL

This fund is for formal partnership working across sectors, led by community and voluntary organisations or public sector organisations for climate-related projects.

The minimum grant is £500,000 and it is expected that most grants will be between £1 million and £1.5 million over three to five years. Some exceptional projects of up to £3 million, for up to seven years, may also be funded.

Funded projects should reach more people by either:

  • linking climate action to the everyday lives and interests of local communities and inspiring them to take action
  • influencing communities at a regional or national level, for example by linking up groups across locations, or a campaign that inspires change across one country, or the whole UK.

Up to 25 projects are expected to be funded.

Two information sessions for interested applicants are being held by The National Lottery (TNL) Community Fund. Advance registration is required:

There are currently no deadlines to apply. 

The Fund is accepting applications until at least 31 December 2024 and plan to close to applications in early 2025.

For full details, visit the TNL Community Fund Climate Action Fund – Our Shared Future webpage.