Co-production – The Videos

Watch Rhiannon (the Council’s Principal Social Worker explain the Council’s Commitment to Co-production.

Read our Joint Press release with Richmond Council  about Co-Production and see some of what the Health and Social Care Co-production Group covered in June.

Watch Wendy explain how she sees the mental health system as needing to change  and of the importance of the dialogue of coproduction to help that to happen.

Read a bit about how the NHS is structured, is changing and how we have tried to emphasise that this needs to happen in ways that support coproduction. or

Watch our Community Involvement Manager talk about one of the drivers for our work.

Read about some upcoming commissioning and why it has a couple of features that made it likely to be co-productive.

Watch Mary explain how her experience of being a carer and a service user drove her to be involved in coproduction

Read about  what happened when Mary from the Co-production group went along to the local community healthcare Trust Health fair and AGM 

Watch Sara’s Videolog which illustrates Experts by Experience, service users and Carer’s capacity to be creative and promote change is equal to that of those who work in the various systems we are all trying to improve through co-production.

Watch Alison’s Video and how Carers can improve the way things work through coproduction.

Coproduction is for every week