Coproduction (support) gets abstract

Part of helping coproduction to happen is understanding where and when differences can be made, and promoting it. With the NHS that can sometimes get a bit abstract as it is undergoing change and has a complex structure.

Driving change – working upwards, a Clinical Commissioning Group operates at Richmond borough level, but administratively is combined with Kingston, (the same area as the Local Transformation Board (LTB)). Above that The South West London Health and Care Partnership (SWL HCP) covers a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership area

To support public engagement SWL HCP has a Public and Patient Engagement (PPE) Steering Group (SG) which our Community Involvement Manager and the CCG’s Lay PPE representative participate in. To link the PPESG with the SWL HCP programme board we alternate as members of that board.

Yesterday they met and discussion included a review of the programme board. This involves starting to agree what activity takes place at locality, borough, multi-borough and STP level – decisions that directly affect potential for coproduction

Our Involvement Manager reminded the Board that it is National Coproduction Week and stressed the need for the review to maximise coproduction and involvement with the expectation that further down the road this will increase potential for coproduction in an area that touches on the lives of most people in Richmond.

Tomorrow there will be something a bit more down to earth and it will be linked from here.