Albert Hunt Trust – grants to promote and enhance physical and mental welfare

Albert Hunt Trust grants of between £1,000 to £5,000 are available to registered charities for projects that promote and enhance physical and mental welfare.

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Greater London Fund for the Blind

The Greater London Fund for the Blind supports organisations who work with or wish to work with blind and partially sighted people within the M25 area. Up to £20,000 is available for a range of project areas.

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Percy Bilton Charity – Grants for Capital Expenditure

The Percy Bilton Charity runs a rolling programme of small (up to £500) and large grants (over £2,000).

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Fundraising Fundatmentals Toolkit

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) have a free, four-part online guide to the basics of fundraising. Take a look here.

De Byre Charitable Trust – Grants for Children

The de Byre Charitable Trust makes awards of between £1k to 10k, with an average award of up to £2k.  They support disadvantaged children, including those who are orphans, neglected, physically disabled and blind. Applications are invited in writing after an initial discussion.  Get in touch with George Georghiou at Mercer and Hole Trustees on 01727 869 141.

Rank Foundation – Grants for Capital Costs or One-Off Short Breaks

Small charities with an income of less than £500k can apply for a Pebble Grant to raise money for capital costs or a one-off short-term activity. Applications can be submitted now for review at by trustees at their January meeting. Read more details here.

Grow Wild Community Project Grants

Grants of £2,000 or £4,000 are available to deliver projects in the community focused on UK native wildflowers, plants and fungi. The closing date for applications is 10 December. Apply here.

Nationwide Community Grants – Local Housing Projects

Registered charities, community land trusts, and housing co-operatives can apply for up to £50,000 for projects that support the vulnerable with housing needs or find new approaches to increasing the supply of housing.  Apply by 7 December.  Find out more.

Alice McCosh Trust – Natural History/Environment Study Grants

One-off awards of around £1,000 are offered for work or study related to natural history and/or the environment. Apply by 30 November.  Find out more.

End of Year Fundraising Toolkit

December is the highest month of giving, so plan a strategy with the help of Blackbaud’s toolkit and make the most of the season’s opportunities. Download the toolkit by clicking here.