Book now: Equality and Diversity – 19 September 2019

Equality and Diversity policies are a requirement, but equality and thinking about equity should run through our own and organisational understanding, activities, planning and strategies if we are really to make a difference.  This is an interactive session for people working in small to medium organisations.

This session is designed for people who care about issues around discrimination and equality and want to understand implications and possibilities for the work and workings of their organisation.   It will deepen  your knowledge of equality and diversity and your responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.  Additionally it will help your understanding of protected characteristics and be more alert to discrimination and how to prevent it.  Overall, it will help you to achieve the best possible practice in this important area.

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Crowther to deliver this training.  Sarah is a hugely experienced sector expert with a wealth of knowledge to share.

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